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The firm develops simple solutions to solve big problems. We specialize in working with high-stakes, high-risk industries, including aviation, healthcare, education, construction, banking, tech firms, and startups. Our goal is to improve performance, mitigate risk, and empower leaders. We make people better.


Napoleon Dog

The Varsity Project is named after Dr. Z's dog Varsity, whom he raised to be a seeing eye dog. Varsity's namesake symbolizes the mission of Dr. Z's lifelong work: to inspire, advance, and move forward the goals of others. "It's my kind of servant leadership" he's often heard recounting. 

Just as a guide dog enables their human handler freedom and opportunity, The Varsity Project strives to offer its clients the same level of loyal, expert service.
"Rather than guide on a harness, my team and I guide through honest, direct communication that uplifts our clients! That's our job. We make people better." -Dr. Z

Dr. Z's BIO

The 3 second version

MZ RECOLOR PINK_edited.png

Michael Lee Zirulnik (aka Dr. Z) is the founder and executive director of The Varsity Project, a communication consultancy dedicated to making people better. The firm develops simple solutions to solve big problems for clients working in high-stakes, high-risk environments. TELL ME MORE!


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