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Dr. Z's BIO

Michael Lee Zirulnik is an author, thought leader, former athlete, professor, designer, past aircrew member, retired member of the emergency medical service, former national security fellow, entrepreneur, artist, and lover of dogs.


His unique training allows him to translate complex, technical information in a manner that is both informative and entertaining for a general public. Dr. Z continues to engage with his academic training, conducting research, writing, and publishing in academic journals. He insists that his work with clients is steeped in the most up-to-date evidence-based literature and best practices in the fields of human communication, anthropology, sociology and psychology.


In addition to more than a dozen publications, Dr. Z is frequently called upon for his expertise in devising sensible solutions for complex interpersonal and organizational challenges.


At Arizona State University he directed the ThinkWritePublish program supported by the National Science Foundation (Science in Society) and the Templeton Foundation (True Stories About Science & Religion).

Dr. Zirulnik earned a BSc. and an MCIS from Rutgers University and a Ph.D. in organizational and intercultural communication from Arizona State University. After 19 years in higher education, 12 of which he spent in the classroom, Dr. Z now devotes his full attention to connecting research to individuals and industry in a way that offers a positive impact for those of us in the workplace.

Dr. Z and his family are serious about their volunteer service with a host of nonprofit boards and government agencies. They reside in Phoenix, Arizona with their beloved dog.

Michael Zirulnik (AKA Dr. Z's Bio)


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